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Are we related?

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Some 25 years ago, I heeded the call of family tree research. I knew almost nothing about my ancestors beyond my grandparents' generation. Little did I know how thrilling it would be to discover the long lineages from which I come. There is a true feeling of belonging when you become familiar with those who lived before you.

For those who may be related to me, I've compiled this list of immediate family surnames. I love to collaborate with other genealogists whose research coincides with mine so please reach out with any queries.


My father, William David King (1933-2008), was adopted as an infant by

William Whitaker King (1895-1961) of Oakville, Ontario


Flora May Denyes (1900-2000) of Newburg, Ontario.


My mother's, Arden Hazlett Wells (1935-2020), parents were

Kergan Wells (1904-1983) of Toronto, Ontario


Martha Jane Kyle Caldwell (1902-1986) of Toronto, Ontario.


Thanks to DNA testing and a whole lot of family tree building plus trial and error, I've been able to identify my father's biological mother as Minnie Pearl Fawcett (1910 -?) of Owen Sound, Ontario.

I've narrowed his father down to who I believe is 98% correct, Frank MacDonald. I'm still working on confirmation.

Are We Related?: List
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