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Genealogy Research Services

You're curious about the lives of your ancestors but don't know where to start your research. Genealogy can be complicated when you're first starting out. 

Let me do the research and family tree building for you!

See below for information on my Essential Research Package (see below).

P.S. That's my mom, Arden Hazlett Wells!

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Genealogy Research Services: Services

Essential Research Package

Delving into available online resources, the research will focus on direct-line ancestors and will include as many generations back as can be reasonably confirmed.

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Essential Research Package
$449 CDN

I will set up your family tree on (a paid subscription is required)

OR I will provide you with PDF copies of relevant documentation.

Some examples of what we might find and the information the documents contain:

  • Birth certificate - date, place, parents

  • Marriage certificate - date, place, parents, spouse and their parents

  • Death certificate - date, place, cause of death

  • Burial - date, place, cemetery

  • Censuses - address, occupation, other family members

  • Military service

  • City Directories - address, occupation

  • Obituaries

  • Immigration and travel

  • Historical maps of relevance

  • And more

Genealogy Research Services: Services
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